Warmachine / Hordes Tournament


Warmachine & Hordes needs no introduction in the community. And we are pleased to announce that we are hosting a Steamroller tournament saturday.

Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller – 16 Seats

The event will use the most up to date version of the Steam Roller pack. It can be downloaded from the Privateer Press website: Organised Play

Max players: 16

Army size: 75 pts

Number of lists: 2

Timing: Deathclock (60 min)

No painting requirement except front arcs that must be painted.

You can buy tickets here

What you will need

  • Dice, tokens, tape measure, templates, etc.
  • Bring either fully updated War Room on the phone or tablet, or updated cards from Privateer Press. Remember to bring power to your devices.
  • Bring chess clock or use an app to keep track of time (War Room has this feature).
  • Bring lists in written form to opponents and the TO, or present a link to conflictchamber to the TO too your lists