Horus Heresy

A 30k narrative campaign introduced by Emperors Pride.

The road to Salvation – Download Playerpack here

Forgeworld, recruitment center and crossroad.

Before the war came to Salvation.

Now it’s a ruin. The remaining population are hiding in the remnants of the former cities, foundries, shipyards and hydroponic farms. Trying to stay alive against all odds.

A persistent rumor has spread amongst strikeforces and warbands of the segmentum.

At the very beginning of the heresy, a Dark Angel cruiser left the Caliban system. Where it was headed and for what purpose no one knows. But aboard it was a relic of old night. Now transponder codes identifying the shipment has surfaced on Salvation and a race begins.

A race that will lead to either salvation or damnation.


12 – 24


5 games, loyalists vs. traitors

Missions will be announced at the beginning of each game.

The armies

2500 points Crusade FOC

You sign up as either Loyalist or Traitor

Focus on narrative lists, and not power gaming

Challenge of the remembrancer

During dinner break on saturday, there will be a quiz of 20 questions which relates to the lore and background of the Horus heresy and the great crusade.