Gaslands Derby

GASLANDS DERBY is the newest game in our fold.

We have a small but fun Derby monday.

If you haven’t come across the game yet, we strongly recommend it – it’s a massive hit at our club, and winner of the UK Games Expo award for Best Miniatures Rules (both judges’ award and public vote).

You don’t need a massive army or months preparing. This game needs nothing more than toycars, matchbox sized. Granted some to crazy painting there cars. But at this “trial” derby, you need only your cars. But we have team ready at hands if you need one.

We are running Gaslands most of the event at the openplay tables so if you just want to learn about this fantastic game, you just need to show up. We even provide cars for you at the open games.

Teams will be 50 cans, using all advanced rules, and we’ll provide teams to borrow if you have none.

And we use the official organised play rules here

You cant learn much more about the game at

And you can buy a ticket here for the Derby